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Red Devils News · #gRit What is Grit???

By now you have probably seen #gRit tagged on various athletics related social media posts. But what is grit? Dr. Angela Duckworth is the leading researcher of grit, and she defines grit as a “self-discipline, combined with a passionate commitment to a task and a burning desire to see it through.” In summary, people with grit persevere when others quit.

Does grit really matter? I mean, if you are talented enough, do you really need to worry about how hard you are working? According to Trent Redden, the Senior Vice President of the Cleveland Cavaliers, grit is one of the single most important factors they consider when drafting a player. The Cavaliers want to know how a player will respond to setbacks- grit is what they use to measure a player’s ability to overcome adversity.

Why do we need to be concerned about grit? Because at one time or another, we all will fail at something. Everyone experiences failure.

How we respond to that failure may determine how successful we are in the classroom, on the field, and in life.

How do we increase/improve our grit? Dr. Duckworth says there are 4 facets that need attention:
1. Develop Fascination- Enjoy what you do and immerse yourself.
2. Strive to Improve Each Day- Challenge yourself to improve every single day.
3. Remind Yourself of the Greater Purpose- Don’t trip over details, focus on your long-term goals.
4. Adopt Growth Mindset- Understand that failure is temporary- it is a step in growth.
Want to know more? Check out Dr. Duckworth’s book titled Grit.

What do you do when times get tough? How do you respond to adversity?

In the coming weeks we will feature the stories of RHS student-athletes that exhibit grit on the field and in the classroom. We will look at how they have handled tough times in the classroom, physical injuries, and failure in athletics. We hope you find inspiration from their stories- perhaps their challenges are similar to the ones you face as well. We will all face adversity in our lives, and we all need to prepare ourselves to face tough times. We R Richmond! #gRit