Multiple Teams · Red Devils vs Northeastern

The Richmond Red Devil’s Intermediate football team headed up to Northeastern on Wednesday night. As the Devils took the field for warm-ups, a light sprinkle greeted them. The rain quickly dissipated and made way for perfect football weather.

The Red Devil offense, led by Ely Ervin, Jon Carter, and Marquis Johnson controlled the ball the entire first quarter, in what would become a touchdown scoring drive early in the second quarter. The offense wound up scoring a total of 3 touchdowns for the game. Johnson had a huge night, scoring all three touchdowns for the game. This was clearly the best the offense has looked all season and we are looking forward to continuing to build upon that success. The Devils were able to score on each possession and relied upon a good mix of running and passing.

The Red Devil defense, led by the open field tackling Jake Necessary, DeMarco Owens, and Aiden Snedigar stifled the offense of Northeastern. The game plan of focused on stopping the outside running of the Knights and was successful. The defense did not allow a single point, for the second time of the season. The final score: Red Devils 22  Knights 0.

In the extended 5th quarter, the Devils came out and scored again with a run by Anthony Cross. The offense was not on the field long in the 5th quarter but showed some great promise and was successful. The Devil D, was solid too. They came out aggressive and slowed the Knight offense down. The Knights were able to score once, but the defense was really solid and played well throughout the extended quarter.

Overall it was a strong effort by the Red Devils and they played as a team. This group of 7th and 8th graders have unlimited potential and will become something special to watch in their future high school careers.