Multiple Teams · IS Track- Boys and Girls Win Hagerstown Invite with Wild Finish



Both the girls and boys IS track team placed 1st at the Hagerstown Invite Wednesday evening. It was one of the most exciting, nail biting, and close call track meets that we’ve ever witnessed.

Once the event was over after the 4×4 relay, we gathered up our athletes and started to huddle up for our end of meet team rally. Then the track meet official approached us and said there has been an issue at the high jump area. We have to have a tiebreaker with the girls and a redo for the boys. So we took our team over to the high jump area. The girls competed first and we ended up placing second. The boys had to start from scratch. Lincoln had three jumpers to our three: Gunner Kovach, Alex Atrium and Damien Newman. Damien scratched out first. Then the showdown began with two Lincoln jumpers vs. Richmond’s Gunner Kovach and Alex Atrium. Alex cleared three heights then scratched out at 5’-2”, which left Gunner facing two Lincoln jumpers. Gunner cleared 5’-3” first, while the Lincoln high jumpers missed. On their last jumps, both Lincoln jumpers cleared 5’-3”. The official raised the bar to 5’-4”. None of the boys cleared that height so the official gave 1st place to Gunner Kovach who had cleared the previous height first. In the team scores, first place over all came down to the winner of the high jump.

We’re so proud of our IS Track team. What a finish!


100m hurdles: Rylee Seal 2nd 19.03, Anna Claire Ream 3rd 19.3

100m: KK Hogg 1st 14.1, Megan Cruise 2nd 14.68

200m: KK Hogg 1st 29.51, Megan Cruise 2nd 30.19

400m: Alonna Wethington 3rd 1:12, Claire Rising 4th 1:16

800m: Shelby Bolser 1st 2:45.59, Keena Barker 2nd 3:04.92

1600m: Shelby Bolser 1st 5:48.02, Keena Barker 2nd 6:41, Holly Trotter 4th 7:06

4×1 Relay: Richmond; 1st 57.41 Tu’Shawn Farris, Anna Claire Ream, Megan Cruise, KK Hogg

4×4 Relay: Richmond; 1st 5:07 Rylee Seal, Alonna Wethington, Shelby Bolser, Keena Barker

Long Jump: Anna Claire Ream 1st 12’-11”

High Jump: 2nd Megan Cruise, 3rd Anna Claire Ream



100m hurdles: Alex Atrium 1st 19.68, Cayden Lyndahl 4th 21.63

100m: Lucas Hall 1st 12.78, Gunner Kovach 3rd 13. 31

200m: Gunner Kovach 2nd 26.28

400m: Alex Atrium  2nd 1:02.9, Lucas Hall  3rd 1:03

800m: Drew VanVleet 1st 2:25

1600m: Preston Bolser 2nd 5:47

4×1 Relay: Richmond; 2nd 52.43 Drew VanVleet, Damien Newman, Gunner Kovach, Lucas Hall

4×4 Relay: Richmond; 1st 4:28 Cayden Lyndahl, Preston Bolser, Kobe Williams, Gibson Fancher

High Jump: 1st Gunner Kovach


Coach Deane