Multiple Teams · RHS Volleyball — Calendar Update

Preparations for the 2019 season are in full swing!  We are excited for the upcoming season!

The online calendar has been updated with the most recently available information.

Couple IMPORTANT notes:

  • Calendar is subject to change.  Please make sure you review the calendar regularly
  • Activities for summer have been added to the calendar!  We fully expect there will be a couple changes/additions to this calendar as we move forward
  • Matches for JV/V have been added to the calendar.  We fully expect there will be changes to our play schedules for 2019.  We are in the process of finalizing our contracts with other schools
  • Matches for F have not been added to the calendar yet.  We are finalizing our contracts here as well

Online Calendar:

This calendar can be viewed from any web device and will update any time changes are made to the schedule.


ICS File (used to sync with iPhone calendar):

This link can be used in the settings section of an iPhone to sync the Richmond Volleyball calendar directly with your iPhone Calendar App.  If you need assistance syncing your calendar, please get with Coach Uhte.  He will be happy to assist.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule, how to access it, or details of the event, please let us know.

Thanks and have a wonderful Summer!