Multiple Teams · Josh Jones to Swim at Hanover

Josh Jones, the son of Jerry and Gina Jones, has played 4 different sports for Richmond.  Next year he will head to southern Indiana and swim for the Hanover Panthers in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Josh chose Hanover because “Hanover has a wide variety of opportunities to grow not only academically, but also athletically and as a person. As my sister went to Hanover, I knew it was a reliable institution and will be a great fit for me.”  He will have a double major – Biochemistry; Kinesiology and Integrated Physiology.

Josh began swimming in the 2nd grade.  His training included, “Other sports, such as track, help me stay in shape for swim season. During the summer, I run and swim with the local swim club, Water Works.”  As a 4 year swimmer, Josh was 2nd in the NCC 500 free as both a sophomore and a junior, and he was also proud to be part of the undefeated regular season team during his sophomore year.  Coach Stephanie Hoober said, “Josh Jones is quietly determined, hard-working, and leads by example.  Josh is a coach’s dream because he wants to step up to challenges and meets those challenges with a smile on his face.”

Josh’s success extends beyond the pool as well.  As a member of the tennis team (2016-2018), he was 2nd team all-conference (2018) and a member of the State Finalist team (2016).  In cross country he was 1st team all-conference his senior year, and he ran for track and field (2017-2019) but unfortunately had his senior season cancelled.  Cross country coach Britni Gettinger said, “Josh is the type of athlete you wish you could clone; this kid would run through a brick wall if you asked.  He carries that determination with him every day, every season, through four sports, and into the classroom emerging as valedictorian. We wish him the best of luck at Hanover and have no doubt he will achieve every goal set.”

When looking back on his career at RHS, Josh said, “I cannot believe my high school career has been cut short, but I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve gotten at RHS. First and foremost, I would like to thank my family for supporting me in all my sporting and academic endeavors. Regardless of whether it is 5 a.m. before practice, or 9 p.m. after a long swim meet, they are always there to support me. I also appreciate all my coaches over the last 4 years, specifically Stephanie and Gary. Even though I may not have always appreciated the hard sets, I knew they would make me a better swimmer. Thank you to my coaches and competitors, teammates and family, and the entire Richmond community!”

Speaking about life at RHS, Josh said, “I’m grateful for all the experiences that RHS has given me. From Snowball to participating in college (AP) classes, Prom to HOSA, I am appreciative of all the great memories that I have developed because of RHS.  I will miss all my teachers and coaches that I have developed connections with. I will miss walking the halls of RHS. But most of all, I will miss my friends and teammates that have been by my side, not just for the last 4 years, but throughout middle, and even elementary school.”

CongRatulations, Josh!  We R pRoud of you!