Multiple Teams · IS Girls Basketball Updates

The Dennis 7th grade girls basketball team will be unavailable to play Connersville at Dennis Monday, January 25.  The Test 7th grade will be playing in their place.  Test will wear their home uniforms.  The game begins at 5:30.  Coach Roseboro will communicate what time the 7th grade needs to arrive at Dennis, and she will let the 8th grade team know the plan for practice on Monday.

Also, the Muncie Northside at Test game on Wednesday, January 27 will only be 1 game.  The Test 8th grade will play that game and it will begin at 5:30.

We are unable to update these 2 changes on the calendar on the website (as games typically do not involve 3 schools), so we wanted to get this information out in this manner.

What about making up the Test vs Dennis game that was cancelled on December 15?  We still plan to make that game up.  I am waiting to see if we lose a game for either team during the season (there is a great chance that will happen), and then if the other school is available, we would make it up on that newly opened date.

We thank you for your patience and support.  We will continue to keep the kids safe, and we will continue to try to keep their season as ‘normal’ as possible.

Go Bulldogs!

Go Tigers!

Go Future Red Devils!