Girls 8th Grade Volleyball Test Intermediate · 8th Grade- UC Pats Vanquish Tigers

2 Union County Middle School
0 Richmond High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Union County Middle School vs Richmond High School
2 0
1 25   15
2 25   13
3 -   -
4 -   -
5 -   -

UC Pats Vanquish Tigers
With the excitement of the 7th grade match still ringing in their ears, the 8th grade teams began their warm up. Union County had won the first match up between the two and the Test Tigers wanted to return the favor. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between wanting and doing. The Patriots started the game with a bang. Their physical size and net dominance presented problems that Test had no answers for. With the score 2-2, the Pats went on a seven point scoring run. In that span, UC blocked three Tiger attacks, killed three balls in the middle and forced a hitting error. That single rotation was the difference in the game. After that, both teams played very even volleyball with each team scoring one or two points until they had rotated completely around the court and the Patriots once again asserted their dominance at the net. With the score 16-9, Union County again overpowered the undersized Tigers. Six more points and the gap was doubled 22-11. Sideout volleyball the remainder of the way left the Tigers frustrated and defeated 25-15.
Unfortunately for the Tigers, game two was a mirror image of the first set. Down 13-3, Test had no response for the artillery that boomed down from the Patriot aerial assault. A Union County hitting error ended the onslaught and allowed Kamryn Wright to serve two Tiger points. At 14-7 the Tigers had to play sideout volleyball. They could not allow the Patriots to score in bunches and the worked for three rotations. Paighton Morken went back to the service line and served for four making the score 16-13, Patriots. And then Union County rotated once again into their strongest front court line-up and the bombardment resumed. Running off nine consecutive points showcased the net dominance that the Patriots had displayed throughout the evening. The final score of 25-13 was a humbling, disappointing and unexpected way to end the season. The 8th grade Tigers ended the year at 12-2 with both losses coming at the hands of the Patriots. This was a very fun, successful season. Thank you parents, friends and fans! The Tigers greatly appreciate the support you offered throughout this season. You guys were awesome!
There were some tremendous highlights during the season, the Connersville Invitational championship and the New Castle match were awesome and there were also some disappointments. But that is the nature of athletics. It is the ultimate challenge for any young athlete to put their abilities and inabilities on display for public criticism. Everyone steps onto the court or field to play their best and sometimes, your best just isn’t good enough. But you return to practice the next day to do everything that you can to get better, knowing that you will once again put yourself out there for public criticism or praise. It takes heart to be an athlete. It requires sacrifice, determination and trust that your teammates are giving their all for the good of the team. After all, volleyball is the consummate team game where your success is determined by the success of the players who surround you. And at the end of this season, this team was a success! “Family on three!”