Girls 8th Grade Volleyball Test Intermediate · Sorry Northeastern, Not ToKnight

1 Northeastern High School
2 Richmond High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Northeastern High School vs Richmond High School
1 2
1 25   15
2 13   25
3 6   15
4 -   -
5 -   -

The 8th grade Test Tigers began their customary warmup in preparation for their showdown with the Northeastern Knights and everything seemed to be going as scripted. Setters set, attackers hit and the Tigers were ready to go. Then the match began… not quite the way the Tigers anticipated. The Knights came out aggressive and served hard and deep. The new lineup for the Tigers struggled to get into the rhythm of the game. While Test scored two points at a time the Knights were grabbing four. What seemed to be a simple change was not working for the Tigers. The invading Knights continued to impose their will culminating in a 25-15 win for the visitors. All was not well in Tigerville.
The frustration of the first set was evident between games. Immediately, Test began to reformulate, refocus and implement the offensive change that was made between games. And the strategy produced an immediate pay off. Running a simplified 5-1 offense, everyone knew their responsibilities and was confident in their abilities. Behind aggressive serving by Edyn Curry and Kirsten Urich, the defense began making plays and the offense kicked into gear. Points began to pile up. Three points by Curry, three more served up by Sasha Matthews and seven points by Paighton Morken broke the game wide open. With a final score of 25-13, the stage was set for the all-important game three.
The results of game two quieted the boisterous contingent from Northeastern. Although the match was tied at 1-1, momentum and confidence were firmly in favor of the home team. Opening the game with five consecutive points, the Tigers immediately Test(ed) the Knights armor and the siege began. The Knight’s response was futile. Two more servers and the gap had widened to 10-3. The Tigers were playing well and firmly in control. Northeastern, not so much. The visiting crowd was silenced and the rout continued. The Tigers imposed their will on the final four points of the game and the conquest was complete. With a final tally of 15-6, the Tigers devoured the Knights. This puts the ferocious felines at an unconquered 5-0 for the season with the Dennis Bulldogs looming on the horizon.