Girls 8th Grade Volleyball Test Intermediate · Test 8th Grade Defeats Dennis

2 Richmond High School
0 Dennis David Worth School
Away   Home
Away Home
Richmond High School vs Dennis David Worth School
2 0
1 25   23
2 25   24
3 -   -
4 -   -
5 -   -

Following the excitement of the three game clash between the 7th graders, the crowd was fired up and ready for more. Anticipation was high for second meeting between the volleyball friends and sometime rivals and the 8th grade confrontation would not disappoint.
Game one began with the Tigers jumping out to a 6-2 lead behind the serving of Sasha Matthews. The bellicose Bulldogs were not about to back down from a challenge. The obstinate canines responded with a five point run of their own and evened the score at 7-7. One rotation later, the Dogs, added two more and went ahead 9-7. Now it was Test’s turn to reciprocate. Two by TaLiyah Brewer and three compliments of Kara Mullins put the furious felines back on top 15-12. Two rotations later Matthews came around for her second go at the service line and she came up golden. Sasha dished up four more points putting the Tigers firmly in control at 21-15. Two rotations later Kamryn Wright delivered the death blow scoring two more, making it 24-19. But the feisty Dogs’ wouldn’t go away. Dennis came back with four of their own making the score 24-23. The pressure on the court was crushing. Players were afraid to make a mistake. The Tigers responded with a conservative pass, set, free ball over the net and the Bulldogs did the same. A good pass, set and kill by the opportunistic Tigers ended the Bulldog threat and terminated game one 25-23. The teams were resolute in their purpose and the fans were raucous. After the uproarious ending to game one, everyone knew that this feud would be a battle to the end.
Game two of this little song and dance was a story of ever-changing leads and momentum. Paighton Morken put the Cats on the board with a quick three and the Dogs rebounded with three of their own. The felines countered with two and the canines responded with five to establish an 8-6 lead. The tension was rising and the atmosphere electric. Intensity was the name of the game. Kamryn Wright stepped back after the Bulldog run of points and reeled off six for the furious felines putting them back into control at 12-8. Pressure was rising for both teams. Every serve, every pass and every attack mattered. A free ball was an opportunity to be taken advantage of and both teams did just that. Back and forth they battled giving a point, then taking two, momentum switching with every serve and sideout. At 22-21, Test took a timeout to relieve the ever increasing demand for success. There was very little room for error. The noose was tightening but both teams were standing on the gallows. There was no doubt this finish would be tight. The Bulldogs dug in for a final stand and defended their court with all the aggressiveness they could muster. They made play after play and denied the Tigers offensive onslaught. Scoring three consecutive hard fought points put the Bulldogs ahead 24-23 serving for the game. The fearless Tigers responded with a side out and to tie the score and then ended the match 25-24 on the next serve. Test fans and players were euphoric and the Dennis contingent thunderstruck. Both teams were cordial and relieved shaking hands. It had been exciting, stressful, and pressure-filled for both teams and at the end, a group huddle and the now familiar “Family on three” because you were looking at the future of Richmond Red Devil volleyball. Great season Test and Dennis volleyball teams, you represented Richmond well!